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53001D -เทคโนโลยีการผลิตชิ้นส่วน Rocket Motor Case โดยวิธีการ Flow Forming

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Abstract :    In the manufacturing processes of rocket parts, especially for the parts that require high strength and precision as rocket motor case, the processes should be high performance and technology. Materials also should have unique mechanical properties and corrosion and environments. The parts can be made by casting, forging, welding, machining, etc. Each process has different advantages and disadvantages depend on materials and applications. This literature will mention about flow forming process, the modern
process which is not familiar in Thailand. Flow forming is a chipless metal forming technique, high
precision and tolerances, safe time and cost. The deformed microstructures in flow forming are
comparable to the microstructure developed during a typical cold rolling process. The flow formed tubes achieved excellent geometrical tolerance. This paper also provides the information about the suitability of flow forming for rocket motor case application.