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56035J – Antenna Subsystem for Small Missile

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Abstract :    The purpose of this project is to propose a conceptual design of an antenna subsystem suitable for installation on a small missile or a smart bomb of Thailand’s Defence Technology Institute (Public Organization) or DTI. The antenna is
planned to be used for ground-to-ground or air-to-ground communication, together with other subsystems such as missile processing unit, sensors, GPS receiver, power distribution, and small fins for missile/bomb direction control. This project consists of a design of a 1.575 GHz GPS receiving antenna and a 2.4 GHz Telemetry transmitting antenna. The project starts from the study of System
Requirements, followed by System Architecture and System Sizing. Then, subsystem components including antenna, feeding network, and/or splitter/combiner are designed, simulated, built, and tested with related discussion and recommendation.

56037J – RSSI Monopulse Azimuth Tracking Demonstration using Wideband Personal Area Network Device

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Abstract :    The purpose of this experimental research as to demonstrate the use of current technology of COTS Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) devices for RSSI Amplitude Comparison Monopulse Tracking currently conducted for the test of short- range missiles of Thailand’s Defence Technology Institute (Public Organization) or DTI. First, system design and architecture was made based on system requirements, Concept of Operation (CONOP) and test configuration, followed by link budget and Fresnel Zone calculations and system sizing. Then simple prototype of each subsystem was designed, developed and tested using tools available in the laboratory and its result was discussed. Monopulse characteristic and system performance was checked and a guideline for simple open-loop short-range dynamic test was suggested.